Welcome to the easiest way to find an SGRA Rep, locate a company or product and register for your SGRA Market.

August 2024

TUE 8/27 and WED 8/28 – 8am – 6pm
THU 8/29 – 8am – 5pm

February 2025

TUE 2/17 – WED 2/18 – 8am – 6pm
THU 2/19 – 8am – 5pm

How To Become An SGRA Buyer

The SGRA welcomes all qualified buyers from the retail community to attend our semiannual Markets.

Want To Become An SGRA Rep?

SGRA Membership requires that the sales rep sells products related to the golf industry. Fill out the application, send it to our team (along with other info) and we’ll be in touch after review.